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Convinced by our online training programs and looking for a personalized helping hand with your projects?

With Inventor & SolidWorks certifications, Giùp’s team of professionals is on hand to help with anything from requests for guidance in software use to implementing your working practices.


Giùp strives to meet your needs via a wide variety of training and support solutions, both in-person and remotely, depending on your requirements and availability.

Autodesk Inventor 2021
L'essentiel d'Inventor 2021
90 vidéos
( 4h36 )
SolidWorks 2020
SolidWorks : Calcul par éléments finis avec SolidWorks Simulation
51 vidéos
( 3h18 )
Autodesk Inventor 2020
Inventor 2020 : Les nouveautés
17 vidéos
( 0h46 )
La CAO pour les dessinateurs industriels : Série hebdomadaire
52 vidéos
( 2h10 )
SolidWorks 2019
L'essentiel de SOLIDWORKS 2019
159 vidéos
( 6h42 )
SolidWorks 2019
SolidWorks 2019 : Les nouveautés
15 vidéos
( 0h54 )
SolidWorks 2019
SolidWorks 2019 : Astuces et techniques
14 vidéos
( 0h51 )
Préparer la certification Autodesk Inventor Certified Professional
97 vidéos
( 6h00 )
Inventor 2019
Inventor : iPièce et iEnsemble
20 vidéos
( 1h15 )
Inventor 2019
Inventor 2019 : Les nouveautés
18 vidéos
( 1h11 )
SolidWorks 2015
SolidWorks : Modélisation d'une pièce mécanique complexe
28 vidéos
( 1h20 )
Inventor 2015
Inventor : Réalisation de la mise en plan d’une pièce
26 vidéos
( 1h13 )
Solidworks 2016
Solidworks : Conception d’une armoire hydraulique
23 vidéos
( 1h46 )
Inventor 2015
Inventor : Modélisation d'une pièce mécanique complexe
27 vidéos
( 0h59 )
Inventor 2017
Inventor 2017 : Les nouveautés
17 vidéos
( 1h08 )
Solidworks 2016
Solidworks 2016 : Les nouveautés
21 vidéos
( 1h09 )
Inventor 2016
Inventor 2016 : Les nouveautés
17 vidéos
( 1h07 )
Inventor 2015
Découverte d'Inventor 2015
60 vidéos
( 2h53 )
SolidWorks 2015
Découverte de SolidWorks 2015
51 vidéos
( 2h34 )
technical drawing

Need something done urgently and want us to assist you with the design of part or all of your projects?

With our advanced experience in software such as Inventor, CATIA, SolidWorks, AutoCAD and Fusion 360, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.

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Team & Partners
Fabian Perrée
C.A.D. specialist: Inventor, CATIA, SolidWorks
Piping, metal frame, mechanic & industry
Autodesk Certified Professional & User Inventor
Frédéric Ameglio
AutoCAD Specialist
Water treatment, industrial buidling
Bimaxes accompagne les acteurs du bâtiment dans la mise en place des projets constructifs par le biais de la maquette numérique du bâtiment et de l’infrastructure :
Ingénierie et formation
The plans drawn up by Giùp have allowed me to meet my production deadlines and better orient my work towards export. The specialists’ informative analyses, technical versatility and availability have satisfied my customers. I look to Giùp as a reliable partner in taking orders and carrying out future work. It is a strong reference for SOVEMA.
SOVEMA Kevin Ghedini Manager of the water treatment export project
Fabian’s passion for his work as a tutor is boundless, and he boasts 3 essential characteristics: impressive technical expertise, second-to-none teaching methods and a strong customer focus.
He works with us at SP Formation periodically and is one of our clients’ most highly recommended tutors. He is a model professional.
SP Formation Sandrine Prost Manager
admin-ajax (1)
I called on Giùp for the urgent production of isometric piping drawings. They met the deadlines and identified plenty of improvements that we could make to our corporate identity and style guide as well as our work processes.
TEM Industry Marc-Edouard Bonnefous Manager
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